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Monday, May 23, 2011

The QPR Report Interview: Ex-QPR Winger, Mike Ferguson

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Ex-QPR Winger Mike Ferguson Remembers
-From OUR Ex-QPR Mike Ferguson reacting to my recently-created site - http://exqpr.blogspot.com :)

[For those not familiar with Mike Ferguson, a great player at QPR from 19669-1973, a flashback

[Mike Ferguson Comments Reposted with Permission]

I have only just found out there is a web with regard to ex players just reading,what a good site,I hope Frank Sibley,and Chippy Clark are as well as can be expected.
Best Regards
Former Player
Mike Ferguson

Thanks for your return email,I thought your piece about Frank and Clive was excellent,when you think in the early 60s,myself and many others voted in favour of strike action in support of better conditions for players,we never thought for one minute it would get has obscene with money has it is now,players have lost all contact with the rreal supporters,I know when I was at the rangers the supporters were superb with me,and very honest in there opinions.
Mike Ferguson

Of Course you can,and if you need any info I would be only to happy to give a view
Best Regards

I will give you anotherstrange fact,you will remember when Rodney went to city,well nobody would wear the no 10 shirt,because Rod was so popular,I said to to Gordon jago give it to me,I have no problem,the club were afraid there was going to be a reaction to the 10 shirt,I wore it and was proud to,and actually took over as captain because Terry got injured.
Best R

And the answer from Mike Ferguson... :D

"...It is quite true,wages were not good and in the summer I used to help a real die hard Rangers supporter Dennis Sergeant,him and is Brother Barry never missed a game home and away,they were great friends to me and my family,and it was a way of making extra money,another funny,we were delivering to a house in Harrow,I was black as the ace of spades,this man said to me 'your Ferguson arent you'I answered yes,he said no your not,brilliant."


And then Mike Ferguson added:
"Imagine that story coming out after 40yrs,nobody at the Rangers ever new,even in them days I started with Dennis at 5-30am.


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