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Monday, July 18, 2011

QPR Report Interview: A Plymouth Perspective of QPR and of Plymouth On and Off the Field


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- To inaugurate QPR Report's 2011-12 series of interviews with a Fan of our "Opposing" team: Aan interview with Plymouth's Ian Newell who runs Plymouth Fan Site, PASOTI (Plymouth Argyle Supporters on the Internet). Many thanks to Ian for doing this interview. Many QPR fans have a soft spot for Plymouth and wish them very well.

- To note - and Highlight - one rather significant change (improvement) in these QPR Report Interview in 2011-2012. These interviews are now being conducted by QPR Report's Maudefishnchips. Many many thanks to Maudefishnchips for agreeing to take on these interviews.

How long have you supported Plymouth?
44 years.

How long have you been involved with your Website? How did you get to your site?

Since its inception (1996). http://pasoti.co.uk/talk/

How do you get on with the other Plymouth fan sites: Are there any serious inter-board conflicts (as there certainly are between certain QPR boards!)?

Vital is fine, we have one called GoS which is regarded as the Plymouth Argyle bible. http://www.greensonscreen.co.uk/ There are no others of any note.

Who's Plymouth biggest Rival (or Rivals)?

Exeter City.

Are you happy with your team and how things are? - Can you explain/do you understand how things got to this point?

How long have you got? You can see what has happened and these are the darkest days of our club.

What do you think of the current - and previous- Owners? WHY are they involved? WHO ARE THEY?! What do you expect? Could they realistically have done more to boost your chances?

The previous owners took us into admin with £17m debts, they are despised by most Argyle fans. We have no new owner yet, but the one who is the preferred bidder, is not welcome by many, he is thought of as a Cornish Del Boy.

How do you think Plymouth treats its fans? Appreciates them? Listens to them? Screws them?

We've been screwed over big time, and we are still being screwed by the Admin process.

Who are you Dangermen/Most valued/most overrated/most underrated players?

Not relevant at this moment in time, it's not about football at this moment in time, our club is on the edge of a precipice.

Who would you say was the greatest Plymouth player that you yourself personally saw? (You can name more than one if it's that close!)
Mariner, there is no doubt. We bought him from Chorley and anyone who saw him on his debut ( a cold night against Rochdale) knew we were in the presence of greatness.

Your prediction for Plymouth this season?
Survival is all we care about.

How much did you rate Jamie Mackie/ Akos Buzsaky when at Plymouth?
I never rated Mackie, he's fast but ran down blind alleys, but others loved the lad. Akos was a big fan's favourite but many say that the club's trouble went downhill from the day we sold him. I was at Loftus road, sitting about 5 seats from the big hat, when he scored a cracker against QPR. It was a great goal.

What is your view and the general Plymouth view of QPR (If we even feature in your consciousness) or of Neil Warnock?

QPR are remembered with fondness at PAFC, you were classy in defeat when we won the Championship of the 3rd tier (unlike Luton 18 months before when we won the 4th tier CHampionship) Neil Warnock is a bit Marmitey down this part of the country, but he does love his football.

What are your past Encounter Memories - Best Memory/Worst Memory of Past QPR- Encounters? Who is your favourite QPR Player over the years?

3-0 at Loftus Road in the League Cup in the 70's. QPR equalising in (it seemed like) the 101st minute, when we were 2-0 up (first season in the Championship I think it was). Rodney Marsh and Stan the Man, were my two favourites by a country mile.

Are you looking forward to playing QPR?

No, not really, our staff are still owed about 5 months wages and some of us think it wrong for us to support PAFC until that is sorted (not all people think this way, but a lot do).

Score prediction for Plymouth -QPR?


Where, realistically, do you think Plymouth will be in five years time?

In the football league hopefully.

What one or two questions do you wish I had asked you (and how would you have responded?!)

Do you like Ian Holloway?
No comment!

Ian Newell.

I would like to thank Ian for taking part in this Q&A, and I would also like to wish Plymouth FC and it's supporters a successful outcome in what is a very worrying time for their club.

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