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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

QPR Chairman Fernandes Again Express Support in Manager Mark Hughes



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Post-West Ham Loss, QPR's Chairman Fernandes Reaffirms his Support for Mark Hughes

  This past Sunday (the day before QPR played West Ham), 
after a number of recent QPR messageboard posts (and press reports) raising questions about  the continued tenure of the QPR Manager, and the name on everyone's lips, Harry Redknapp, Queen's Park Rangers (QPR) Chairman Tony Fernandes offered an expression of his support for his manager Mark Hughes:  In a Sunay tweet, the QPR Chairman wrote,"Mark hughes is the best thing to happen to QPR. We have been unlucky with injuries. Bar swansea we have looked a top top side. Lots to do. But feeling good. Its not all about result on monday. Keep the faith"

Tweeting again, after QPR's latest loss, Monday evening, to West Ham United, Chairman Fernandes again expressed his continued support for and faith in manager Mark Hughes.

"Bad game but I expected it. Need all injured players back. After West Brom. And get everyone to match fitness. Patientce. Keep calm."

"Mark will sort it out. Look at his record. We would have won if we didn't go down to 10. I am relxaed and confident. Let's get all our players back and in form and fit and then let's see. Think of spurs."

"Keep calm. 6 games does not make a season. I have learnt from many wise chairman"

"That's all we had. We have 5 injuries in the back. That's the problem. You fans have to realise. It will come good

"Correct. Don't worry. I'm calm and want to build stability which is what most fans want. There are many out there who are clueless" Tony Fernandes

- So QPR Fans will have to watch, wait and hope - and of course, continue to support!

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