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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Leeds United Fan Perspective of Leeds and QPR


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The Leeds United Perspective:  Q and A WITH LEEDS FAN

Interview by MaudesFishnChips With David from Leeds' The Scratching Shed


thanks to david from the www.thescratchingshed.com   

how/why are you involved with the scratching shed?

I created the site in 2008. I'd travelled abroad with a Leeds United Supporter's Club during our European days and subsequently grown quite close to a group of fans whose lives eventually took them in different directions, several ending up overseas. Those who emigrated and could no longer attend Elland Road regularly I remained in constant contact with via email and phone, fielding questions about the games and how individual players were performing. Ultimately, this led to me writing match reports and publishing them online and this formed the basis of The Scratching Shed.

how long have you supported leeds?( your recollections of being first introduced to your team)

Always. I first started attending games in the early 90's and have been a regular ever since.

How I came to be a Leeds fan is something of a mystery. I grew up locally so that was probably the decisive factor, but my Dad supports one of our biggest rivals while the rest of my family had no real interest in football at the time.

can you name some highs/lows of you leeds supporting years?

I vaguely remember winning the title in 1992, but the European trips were my personal highlight. There's nothing quite like a trip abroad following your football club, joining hundreds/thousands of fans in strange places, united by a shared love for Leeds United. The manner in which we secured promotion from League One on the final day of the season will live long in the memory too - down to ten men, a goal behind and needing all 3 points to go up. Then the hometown boy Jonny Howson levels it before Jermaine Beckford ends his Leeds career with the goal which sent us up. Incredible day.

The lows would be relegation from the Premier League and the Championship, closely followed by losing play-off finals and the 8 years of Ken Bates.

your best starting leeds team spanning all era's.?

I'm no doubt forgetting a couple of names which should be included, but from my lifetime…


Harte, Woodgate, Radebe, Byram

Speed, Bowyer, Strachan, McAllister

Yeboah, Viduka

how do leeds fans perceive current owners? what was ken bates like as a custodian? personally, how would you like to see your club run?

The current owners are doing well. They've made a huge effort to re-engage with fans since the fall of Bates' dictatorship and it really feels like we're now making some progress. There's a long way to go, but they've undone a lot of the unpopular decisions Ken Bates made, cleared out the staff who failed us for years and brought in a manager who fans have taken a genuine shine to. I can't remember the last time Leeds United fans felt so positive about our future.

As for Ken Bates, the man was a parasite. I wouldn't wish him on any football club.

is elland rd adequate for the clubs ambitions? how would you feel if current custodians wanted a move?

Couple of the stands could use a makeover but there's no reason we'd ever have to leave Elland Road. There's plenty of room for us to expand further should the current capacity ever become an issue.

your favourite ever leeds player? and why?(only one)

Lucas Radebe. I've met loads of Leeds United players over the years and Lucas is the only one who left me star struck. The guy is an absolute inspiration, his life story is the stuff Oscar-winning films are made of. To overcome the hardships he did (growing up in relative poverty, shot, injury-plagued, losing his wife) and rise to become one of the world's greatest defenders, a hero to Leeds United and South African fans alike, Lucas holds a special place in the hearts of people from all corners of the world.

It's difficult to do justice to Lucas in a couple of paragraphs, but he'll never be forgotten at Elland Road. Snubbing offers from Manchester United and Milan because he truly appreciated the opportunity we'd given him, Lucas had an unparalleled rapport with the fans and became fiercely loyal to Leeds United. Radebe was committed, hard-working, driven and passionate, but most of all, he was an exceptionally talented footballer and is an even greater human-being.

most hated rival? and why?

Most fans of my age would probably say Manchester United, but it's always been Chelsea for me. That my father supports them plays no small part in that decision, but they were considered our most hated rivals for many years, mostly as a result of some seriously bad-tempered clashes dating back to the late sixties/early seventies. I also blame them for Ken Bates.

neil warnock, love or hate? or whatever?

I don't hate Neil Warnock but I'm glad he's no longer the Leeds United manager, his refusal to accept responsibility for mistakes, the constant excuses and blame-games he plays, coupled with the 1980's style of football he insists upon make him one of the worst Leeds United managers I've ever known.

do you know of any past/present player or manager links between our clubs?

You have a couple of ex-Leeds players in your squad at present (Shaun Derry and Hogan Ephraim, who we loaned from you briefly), but we've gone through so many players over the last decade, there can't be many teams who aren't fielding an ex-Leeds United player at this point in time.

Having both experienced the joys of Neil Warnock anti-football, our former boss will no doubt get his fair share of punditry gigs this weekend. He's like a bitter ex-girlfriend we kicked to the curb, running around the country telling anyone who'll listen how bad we are in bed, failing to recognise his contribution to the terrible sex… I've taken this metaphor way too far, haven't I?

what is your, or general leeds fans view of QPR?(fans, players,owners, ground)

I doubt there's many Leeds fans with much of an opinion on QPR. The collection of billionaires you attracted was somewhat irritating, but the club itself holds no real significance to Leeds United. Without wishing to sound disrespectful, you're just one of 23 teams we have to beat this season. I don't think there's any real rivalry there and I doubt any Leeds fan would begrudge you success. Not keen on Barton though…

your prediction for saturday?

I'll be happy with a draw. 2-2.

what are your expectations of leeds this season and beyond?

I don't think we have the strength to challenge anywhere near the top of the table. Mid-table obscurity would be my prediction, but we've started strongly so could maybe make a push for play-offs (where we'll no doubt lose in the final… again…)

Going forward, I think we'll be back in the Prem within 2-3 years now Ken Bates has left the building. He bled us dry for years and we've really suffered as a consequence.


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