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Friday, November 28, 2014

QPR and Air Asia Chairman Tony Fernandes Says No Change in His Position at QPR

Tony Fernandes Says No Change in Running QPR

 A couple days ago, a brief part of a supposed interview with QPR (and Air Asia) Chairman, Tony Fernandes in some publication, was sent around originally on twitter; and then reposted on various QPR Messageboards.

   In that apparent interview excerpt, Fernandes said "...I have moved out of Formula 1 Work and [English Premier League team] QPR work. I am now leaving it to Ruben (Gnanalingam) and Amit (Bhatia, son-in-law of Indian tycoon Lakshmi Mittal) to take  a bigger role in managing this. I am also reducing the number of directorships I have in Tune [group]. I will be spending more time in Malaysia working on Air Asia and Air Asia X"  Original Twitter Link

  A number of people took note of this and further disseminated it in tweets and on Messageboards
"@QPRReport If anyone missed yesterday: Snippet @TonyFernandes interview saying was leaving more to Ruben & Amit Running of   http://goo.gl/zhx4hV
 Last Night, Chairman Fernandes declared in a tweet: "absolute rubbish as per normal. No Change in my position Chairman as long as everyone wants Ruban and Amit have always helped"

@QPRReport absolute rubbish as per normal. No change in my position. Chairman as long as everyone wants . RUBAN and amit have always helped
7:23 PM - 27 Nov 2014

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