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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Amit Bhatia Retains a QPR Interest

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A very interesting and positive announcement - and hopefully a sign of something bigger in terms of the ownership of QPR - comes in today's announcement on the QPR Official Site: "TIGERS CUBS HANDED FUNDING BOOST"

The QPR announcement says in part "QPR in the Community Trust have received a major funding boost with the news that 'Global Relief Initiative' - a registered charity founded by Trustee Amit Bhatia - is committed to supporting, for a three-year period, the R's Tiger Cubs, a fully inclusive Football Club for children with Downs Syndrome (DS)."

Although the QPR announcement notes that "The financial support given by Bhatia - which was agreed prior to the end of the 2010/11 campaign" many QPR fans will hope that the Bhatia-Mittal interest in QPR will continue, endure - and most importantly, deepen, intensify and expand!!

See Complete announcement - QPR Official Site


natalie thornton said...

If only!!! fingers crossed though...

Charlie said...


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