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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not Believing Your Club

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An admittedly, completely-unscientific survey of QPR fans, based on small numbers and obviously to a degree, self-selected based on those who visit and post on the QPR Report board. But still interesting.

The Poll Question: "When your Club & Another Club Offer Differing Versions Who Do You Believe?"

And the accompanying question: "When your club (or their Unofficial Official Proxy or their local media) says one thing. And another club says something different, who do you believe?"

The Responses Thus Far:

- Believe Your Club (0 votes, 0%)

- Believe Opposing Club (22 votes, 75.8%)

- Believe Both! (0 votes, 0%)

- Believe Neither (7 votes, 24.1%)

- Poll still open!

A Few Caveats:

As noted above, this is obviously not a scientific poll. But one wonders if this poll "went viral" across the QPR messageboard world and more people offered their view (and there were some kind of controls to prevent multiple postings, etc), whether the findings would be very different. (And obviously ANY messageboard survey would be somewhat self-selected by the fact that many don't visit or post on messageboards.)

It would also be interesting if this survey were done over a number of years, to see how fans felt about different owners, or at more positive and more negative times, etc.

It would also be interesting if other club fans did the same poll to see how different (if they were) would be the finding for others.

All that having been said, IF these "findings" for QPR really are in any sense representative of the broader QPR fan base, that would be a pretty sad indictment given that. The club NEEDS its fans to believe that we are all one an so forth.

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