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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Have QPR Banned Rodney Marsh?


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- From a tweet today from Rodney Marsh: "Apparently I'm banned from #QPR. Not a bad price to pay for using my 1st amendment rights! Suffered the same fate at Sky Sports!" QPR

This follows, Rodney Marsh's comments as reported in today's Mail in which he characterized QPR's owners as "Idiots" ..."Briatore and Ecclestone have treated the fans like mushrooms. Somewhere a village is missing two idiots.."

Updated tweet from Rodney Marsh "I've not been officially notified. Just heard from a reliable R's source." Rodney Marsh/Twitter

- - Rodney Marsh's 1967 Wembley Final Goal

- Video: Rodney Marsh hatrick for QPR

1 comment:

captainjack said...

If the Tweet is right it looks like Rodney has once again told it the way it is. The price of season tickets/day tickets in a seat you physically can't sit in comfortably and then the real kick in the nuts, bargain basement signings of mostly has-beens and un-proven talent. Warnock needed investment before the start of the season and they have all but failed him. All the hard work of the past few seasons especially last term will count for nothing if we carry on like this. We should have seen it coming with the Mittal guys resigning well actually some/most of us did. Rodney again has got it right once a legend, always a legend!