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Saturday, August 6, 2011

QPR's New Kits Revealed

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After many weeks of rumoura and reports about what the new QPR kits would look like (some of those reports turning out to be extremely accurate,) QPR's new 2011-12 Kits have been "revealed." QPR have already officially unconvered the Third "Read and White Quarters" Strip. Now waiting for the club to "Officially" revealed the first and second strips.

- QPR's 2011-12 Strips: From Premier League Handbook: Pages 38-39

- (Actual photo downloaded by Juzzie on LoftforWords)

- Posted Yesterday: Seventy Years of Supporting QPR: A QPR Fan Looks Back


1 comment:

kaycole said...

That 2nd kit has got be be a wind up surely, thats far too close to that crapping place in bedfordshire who we hate with a passion !!!!