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Friday, December 23, 2011

QPR Report Friday: QPR and Other Clubs Fans Arrests and Banning Order Stats


- Just Missed the Anniversary! Forty Years ago, QPR's Rodney Marsh his England Debut!
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- 40 Years Ago: Rodney Marsh's England Debut

- 2010-2011 - Club-by-Club Football Arrests/Stats including QPR

The Home Office has released its Annual Statistics on Football Related Arrests and Banning Orders Leeds United and Cardiff City Fans Rank among the "Top" in the country!

With respect to QPR (See Table 10) there were 26 fan arrested in 2010-11 season. 17 at home games. 9 at away games. Of these, 3 for violent disorder. 12 or police disorder. 2 for Missile Throwing. NO Racist or indecent Chanting. 5 Pitch Invasions. 3 alcohol Offences. None for Ticket Touting nor for offenses against property. Nor for possession of offensive weapons. 1 Breach of Banning Order

For QPR, there are 21 Banning orders on QPR fans, total. Btween November 2010 and November 2011, there were 9 banning order imposed.

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