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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some Old QPR Videos from 1923, 1948, 1958, 1962, Etc...Winston Churchill's Father and QPR

Winston Churchill's Father, Lord Randolph Churchill, QPR Patron


- London Call-in Tonight With Rodney Marsh and Rufus Brevett

- QPR's Changing Kit Over the Decades

- Next: Fulham - Old Programmes/Team Sheets


With all of today's Premier League games televized and recorded, the tragedy is that there are so few recordings of old QPR...

- Video: 1923 QPR vs Sheffield United

- Video II: 1923 QPR vs Sheffield United

- Video: 1962 QPR vs Newport

- Video: 1948: QPR vs Derby County

- Video: 1958 QPR vs Southampton

- 1962 Video Interview with QPR Manager Alec Stock

- Video: 1962 QPR vs Hinckley

- 1981: QPR Go Plastic - The Opening Game vs Luton

- 1948: Athlete McDonald Bailey trains for Olympic competition: Sprinter Emmanuel McDonald Bailey begins training for the 1948 London Summer Olympics with the Queens Park Rangers football club

- Video (Silent): A Younger Jim Gregory Talking about Selling Phil Parkes (Lip Readers Only!)

- VIDEO: Last Kick of the Game Winner for QPR - In 1974, QPR Played Coventry in the FA Cup Fifth Round. Moving Into Injury Time, at 2-2 Stan Bowles Took the Free Kick( Parkes - Hazell Mclintock Mancini Clement - Venables Leach Francis, Thomas Bowles Givens.)

- 1962 Brentford Fans Protesting Planned Merger with QPR

- Video: Martin Allen Being Fined for Being with His Baby

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