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Thursday, November 15, 2012

QPR: A Club Supported by Christians, Muslims, Hindus...and Jews: So Why the Club Silence? An Open Question to Queen's Park Rangers FC

                   AN OPEN QUESTION TO QPR

  A simple "Open Question" to Queen's Park Rangers Football Cub, which I've previously raised in tweets and on the QPRReport Messageboard, but never received any club response: Will the Club be sending out "Holiday Greetings" to its Jewish Supporters, as it does in Greetings to other faiths?

   Football (or "Soccer" as it's known in the United States) is a sport beloved by, played by and followed by people of every race, color, religious creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation ideology, etc. It is truly the universal (and best!) sport.

  Every year, as one would fully expect - and as they have probably since their founding - the club sends out "Christmas Greetings" to QPR Fans around the world. In the old days, it used to be in the programme: With the advent of Social Media, such Holiday Greetings have also been transmitted in other formats.

A few weeks ago, the club tweeted "QPR FC (@OfficialQPR) 10/26/12, 8:03 AM "Wishing all of our Muslim supporters around the world Eid al-Adha #QPR #AllTogether"

Then  a couple of days ago, the club tweeted to their Hindu and Sikh supporter "QPR FC ‏@OfficialQPR Happy Diwali to all our supporters #QPR."

Such greetings are a wonderful thing to do and should be strongly praised and encouraged.

Unfortunately, thus far, the Club hasn't sent out greetings on Jewish Holidays - such as for the Jewish New Year, which occurred in September - and given that the club sends out greetings for other religious holidays,  that is both puzzling - and even troubling.

I noted a few months ago on this blog  regarding Chairman Fernandes serving on the "World  Advisory Board" of the "Global March to Jerusalem."  The Chairman is obviously entitled to hold and advocate whatever views he wishes on any political or social issue.  And I have no idea about the views of the other owners of QPR.  (Nor is it really any of our business)

But here we're talking about a religion, which the club has overlooked - perhaps an oversight. But one I find deeply distressing, especially since this is "My" Club and has been for over four decades and it is something I strongly hope - and expect - the club to rectify. A very simple thing to do. A very big message to send.

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Jason Hargreaves said...

Personally I'd prefer it if they'd keep religion out of it all together. It impinges too much on other aspects of life as it is and with (often) debatable benefits.

Let sport cross boundaries and not be tainted by the squabbles religion all too often brings.

Having said that, I do have some sympathy when some religions have been omitted. Jewish being just one of those. Better not to mention any.