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Thursday, November 15, 2012

QPR Fan Behaviour: Arrests and Bans



- QPR: A Club Supported by Christians, Muslims, Hindus...and Jews: So Why the Club Silence? An Open Question to Queen's Park Rangers FC


    The Home Office has released its annual STATISTICS ON FOOTBALL-RELATED ARRESTS & BANNING ORDERS: SEASON 2011-12

  In comparison to other Premier clubs, the QPR numbers don't seem to be too bad (though even a single one is very unfortunate. There were 22 Banning orders in total imposed on QPR Fans - as compared to 112 on Chelsea Fans and 5 on Fulham Fans.

 In the last year, there have been 5 bans imposed on QPR Fans.

And then the breakdown on Arrests for Fans of Each Club:

For QPR the Offenses break down: 
 - 24 Total Arrests

- 8 Arrests for Home Matches
-16 Arrests at Away Matches

- 4 for violent disorder
- 8 for public disorder
- 1  Pitch Invasion
-11 Alcohol Offenses

NO Missile Throwing...No Racist Chanting

- Home Office 2011/12 Report

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